Google Calendar Spam Fix Coming: Say Goodbye to Free iPhone Offers

You may have seen some spam in your Google Calendar lately, but according to the latter, they’re aware of the issue and a fix is coming, according to Google’s support forums.

Google calendar spam

Google Calendar spam occurs because an existing function automatically imports calendar events from Gmail, thus showing up in your calendar.

Spam events are essentially links to external websites asking you to fill out your details for a free iPhone, or some other affiliate offer.

To stop receiving spam events in the meantime via Google Calendar on the web for example, click the gear icon, then click Settings.

google calendar gear icon

Under Language and region, scroll down to ‘Events from Gmail’ and untick the box that says ‘Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar.’ That should do the trick.

Screenshot 2019 09 03 12 59 37

Google said yesterday, “We’re aware of the spam occurring in Calendar and are working diligently to resolve this issue. We’ll post updates to this thread as they become available. Learn how to report and remove spam. Thank you for your patience.”

Spammers are clever, aren’t they? Back in 2016, Apple users suffered from iCloud calendar spam invitations showing up on their iOS devices.

Have you seen spam in your Google Calendar lately?

[via 9to5Google]