Google’s Nest Protect Smoke Alarm on Sale for $120 Each at Costco

Google nest 2 pack sale has a sale right now on Google’s Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide smart alarms, with a two-pack available for $239.99, which works out to $120 each, offering $60 in savings off the MSRP.

The sale applies to both the battery and wired versions of the Nest Protect.

If you’re part of the Nest product ecosystem, the Nest Protect integrates seamlessly. During any smoke alarms, emergency clips will automatically record from your Nest cameras.

The best part of the Nest Protect is knowing the status of your smoke alarm when you’re not home or away on vacation. This is a handy smoke/carbon monoxide alarm for your cottage, cabin or Airbnb.

You can control the smoke alarm directly from the Nest app, while it also offers a helpful Pathlight feature at night. Nest Protects can be assigned to rooms, so the alarm will speak up and tell you which room has smoke or any other concern.

Home Depot also has the Nest Protect on sale, but it’s $10 more at $130 each, however you could always price match there. says the sale goes until October 10, 2019.