iOS Users Can Now Subscribe to Twitch Streams Directly From App

Previously, Twitch iOS app users were not able to subscribe to their favourite streamers and channels but starting today, they can do so directly from the app, albeit with a catch. If a subscription costs say $5 through the Twitch website, it will cost you an extra $1 if you subscribe through the Twitch iOS app.


As detailed by Twitch on its website, subscriptions on iOS work differently than on desktop. Here’s how it works:

Viewers first need to purchase iOS Sub Tokens through the Twitch app. Each token can be redeemed for a one-month Tier 1 subscription. You can then extend your subscription by redeeming more tokens or by purchasing more tokens to redeem later:

These Sub Tokens can be redeemed on any Affiliate or Partner channel that offers Tier 1 subscriptions, and they offer the same benefits as if you subscribed on desktop: sub badges, subscriber emotes, ad-free viewing, sub-only chat—all of it. 

Creators get paid a share of the iOS subscription, just as they do for subscriptions purchased on other platforms.

Twitch says that to ensure streamers earn a similar revenue from Subs regardless of platform, iOS Sub tokens cost $5.99 to account for mobile app store fees.