Siri Interrupts BBC Meteorologist And Contradicts Weather Forecast

We’ve all had Siri chime in unexpectedly. More often than not, it’s usually when you’re hanging out on the couch or out eating dinner, not when you’re broadcasting the current weather forecast.

9to5Mac reports that on Thursday, BBC’s meteorologist, Tomasz Schafernaker, was giving the audience an update on the weather conditions in areas such as Minneapolis and Denver. Highlighting footage of snowy streets, Schafernaker described the snowfall before Siri was activated on his Apple Watch, contradicted his forecast by simply saying: “There is now snow in the forecast.”

Of course, this was all picked by the microphone and broadcasted live across the nation. Schafernaker did his best to dismiss Siri, apologize for the distraction and return to the subject at hand. However, Schafernaker’s fellow news anchor wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to poke fun at the situation.

The BBC news anchor humorously prodded Schafernaker by saying: “There is snow in your forecast, I thought.” To which Schafernaker responded with: “Yeah but it probably doesn’t know what place I’m talking about.”

The two laughed off the whole situation before returning to their broadcast.

Following the news broadcast, Schafernaker responded to BBC Weather’s tweet. Seemingly a bit perplexed, Schafernaker notes that: “I never summoned Siri! And it goes off….” Siri will often jump in when a user says: “Hey Siri” or when the Apple Watch’s digital crown is pressed. However, a third option exists in the setting where if a user raises their arm, Siri can be triggered.

Twitter user, Met4Cast, responded to Schafernaker and showed the settings page where the “Raise to Speak” option may have been turned on by mistake. Either way, Schafernaker will likely not be wearing his Apple Watch during his broadcasts anymore.