Specs On Xbox’s ‘Project Scarlett’ Consoles ‘Lockhart’ and ‘Anaconda’ Have Surfaced

Source: Xbox

We’re just under a year from the supposed launch of Microsoft’s next console generation. However, the company has been kept its lips sealed on the exact features and specs the new Xbox will tout. However, new information has surfaced, which gives us a better idea of what Microsoft has up its sleeve.

Windows Central has revealed new information regarding the rumoured specs of the next two Xbox consoles. Microsoft is apparently well on its way to manufacturing a high-end console, under the codename: Anaconda. There may also be a more affordable entry model, Lockhart. According to Windows Central, multiple sources have come forward with spec information on the two consoles due to release in the holiday season in 2020.

Following the source’s information, Anaconda will target 12teraflops (TF) of computing power, while Lockhart will supposedly feature 4TF. When compared to the current generation Xbox family, the original Xbox One S houses 1.4TF, while the Xbox One X has 6TF. While Lockhart’s computing power may seem underwhelming, the power stemming from the TF is only one side of what makes the console. Microsoft has already been vocal on how raytracing will play a huge role in the Project Scarlett line of consoles, and this will still be true with the Lockhart upgrade.

Additionally, Anaconda and Lockhart will reportedly house eight CPU cores, with a target of 3.5Ghz. Windows Central’s insiders have reported that Anaconda will guarantee 13GBs of RAM and 3GB on OS for a total of 16GB, which will be a drastic improvement over Xbox One X’s 9GB.

Lastly, the Project Scarlett lineup will focus on reducing loading times for games. Windows Central states that minute-long load times can be shaved down to mere seconds thanks to NVMe SSD proprietary tech. Microsoft’s Project xCloud initiative, the game streaming platform, will enable users to begin streaming a game while the software downloads locally to the console.

As always, rumours without official statements should be taken at face value. We’ll eagerly await confirmation from Microsoft upon the new consoles’ official reveal.