Introducing the New Xbox Series X, the Next Generation Of Xbox

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft unveiled its newest console in the Xbox family last night during The Game Awards. What was previously under the guise of Project Scarlett was now announced to be Xbox Series X, a monolithic new Xbox console.

Microsoft revealed the Xbox Series X with a brief trailer during the award ceremony before Xbox chief Phil Spencer walked on stage to talk about the company creating the fastest and most powerful console the company has ever produced, raising the bar for performance. The Xbox Series X has been designed to be used both vertically and horizontally. The design is reminiscent of a compact PC tower, which is a step away from previous Xbox console designs.

Alongside the console, Microsoft revealed Sensua’s Saga: Hellblade II, the next Ninja Theory title running in-engine on the Xbox Series X. The trailer showcased the leaps in graphical fidelity and realism that can be obtained when utilizing the console’s power.

In addition to the console reveal, Microsoft also included a look at the new Xbox Wireless Controller. Fans of the Xbox One Controller should be pleased to see that not very many changes were made. Keeping the overall design intact, Microsoft has included a new Share button which will let players capture stills and video and upload them with ease. Microsoft has also designed a new hybrid D-pad to be closer to the one included on the Xbox Elite Controller. It was also confirmed that the Xbox Series X controller can be used with the Xbox One family of consoles.

Microsoft was recently reported to have two new consoles in development, a high-performing model and an entry-level model. Last night’s reveal did not acknowledge the existence of a secondary console. However, drawing from the name “Xbox Series X” one could see a future where another SKU exists in the “Series” family.

While not included in the award show reveal, Xbox did reiterate on the specs of the Xbox Series X on Xbox Wire. Microsoft’s new console will be targeting 4K 60FPS, with the possibility of hitting 120FPS with Variable Refresh Rate and 8K support. The Xbox Series X will be powered by a custom-designed processor leveraging Zen 2 and RDNA architecture. The Xbox Series X will also be fully backwards compatible, accessories included.

Microsoft has not divulged information on the pricing or exact release date. The Xbox Series X is targeting a “Holiday 2020” release window.