Developer Replicates Apple Product Launch for “Redesigned Apple Maps”

Business and product designer Ayman Jaddaa has redesigned Apple Maps by incorporating all the features users have been requesting for years. In addition to redesigning Apple Maps, Jaddaa has also replicated an Apple product launch for it.

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Jaddaa says he has been using Apple Maps as his daily navigator since the first iOS 13 public beta launch while taking notes of what he would change, improve, and add to Apple Maps. “Why did I do this? Because Apple Maps still isn’t doing enough for a lot of users,” he writes.

Jaddaa’s Apple Maps redesign includes updated layout, San Francisco Rounded font, re-worked ‘Go’ button, slightly unobtrusive branding, a new Ratings & Reviews interface, a verified badge for places, and much more.


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“I put in these new features because they can make Apple Maps the Personal Navigation System of your dreams; imagine having a live, well-integrated, constantly-updated diary in your life, with minimal effort. That was my goal here.

I would like to say that by doing this, I do not mean offence to anyone’s work in the team or at Apple. I have also only designed this new experience for iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 Pro.”

You can check out the source article for all the changes and let us know what features you’d like Apple to include in Apple Maps.