Apple Closes Two Additional Stores in China Due to Coronavirus

Apple has closed two additional stores in China due to the ongoing spread of coronavirus. This news comes just a day after Apple CEO confirmed that the company closed a store in Qingdao, China on Tuesday during an earnings call.

Bloomberg reports that Apple’s website had been updated to reflect the temporary closures of the two additional stores. Alongside the Qingdao location, Apple stores within Nanjing and Fuzhou—both within shopping malls—have now closed their doors in an attempt to assist in containing the virus.

According to Apple’s website, the Nanjing and Fuzhou stores are tentatively set to re-open on Monday, February 3rd. The Qingdao store will remain closed an additional day and re-open on Tuesday, February 4th. Naturally, the closure plans can change depending on the circumstances pertaining to the outbreak.

Due to the climate of the situation, Apple has now restricted employee travel to China to those with high-priority tasks. In addition, the stores that remain open have increased their cleaning regime and have begun to regularly take the temperatures of its employees.

The spread of coronavirus has steadily increased throughout the week. According to statistics provided by the World Health Organization, there have been over 7,900 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Of those confirmed cases, 7,800 are within China.