Apple Offers Up 30 Creative Activities for Kids During COVID-19

Apple free ipad education

Apple has released a list of 30 Creative Activities for Kids, a PDF you can print out showcasing some activities for your young children ages 4 to 8:

Explore 30 fun, constructive, and creative activities to do with built-in features of iPad (you can also use an iPhone). Designed for children in grades PK-2, these activities can be tailored for the whole family.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said this afternoon, “We know parents out there are juggling a lot in this challenging time. Apple’s education team has some fun ways to keep kids everywhere creating.”

If you want “more fun activities”, you can also download the Everyone Can Create Early Learners Guide (134 pages) for free in the Apple Books Store here.

The first step when it comes to teaching your child at home is to not ‘reinvent the wheel.’ Let someone else help you with lesson plans and activity ideas for your kids. Take breaks. Eat lots of snacks. Watch TV. Go outside.