12.9″ iPad Pro Paired with Magic Keyboard Weighs More than 13″ MacBook Air

As pointed out by a 12.9-inch iPad Pro user, the combined weight of the new Magic Keyboard and his iPad is actually heavier than a 13-inch MacBook Air (via MacRumors). While a 13-inch MacBook Air weighs 1,290 grams, the total weight of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard turns out to be 1,370 grams.

Magic keybaord

Individually, the weight of the larger version of Magic Keyboard is 710 grams which makes it ever heaver than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro itself which weighs 641 grams. This means that if you’re hoping that your 12.9-inch iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard combo will be a lighter option than a MacBook Air, it might not be the case.

However, the Magic Keyboard for the 11-inch ?iPad Pro? weighs 601 grams which would mean that their combined weight would be 1,072 grams. That’s lighter than any MacBook model currently available in the market (via 9to5Mac).

Let us know if you plan on getting a Magic Keyboard for your iPad despite the heft it would add to your tablet.