Toronto-Based ‘MapinHood’ Navigation App Gets New “Social Distancing Mode”

Developed with support from the Microsoft AI for Accessibility program, Toronto-based startup iMerciv’s MappinHood pedestrian navigation app has just received a new “social distancing mode” that will provide people with the least busy and most physically distant walking routes.


For those who aren’t familiar, MapinHood is a free navigation app that provides pedestrians with personalized routes and instant data on crime, lighting conditions, accidents, construction hazards, food carts, and more for safe and convenient trips.

The app offers real-time updates from the local community so you always know what’s happening on your city’s sidewalks.


MapinHood’s new social distancing mode will use historic pedestrian foot traffic data to route users away from major roads and streets with heavy foot traffic, minimizing exposure along the route.

The app is currently available in Toronto, with other locations expected go online in the coming months. You can grab the app for free using the following App Store link.

Download MapinHood for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]