Save 10% Off at This Apple Store in Vancouver Until July 26

If you’re about to buy an expensive Apple product in Vancouver, head to the Apple Store at Oakridge Centre.

An iPhone in Canada reader let us know about the Summer Shopping Event at Oakridge Centre, which is offering 10% back in gift cards when you spend between $2,000 to $3,000 (after tax) at a retailer in the mall.

With some mid to high-end fashion retailers at Oakridge, it’s easy to make your credit card statement explode and qualify for this promotion.

If you’re about to spend $2,000 to $3,000 at the Apple Store in Oakridge Centre, you’ll be able to get $200 and $300 back in an Oakridge retailer gift card, respectively. The shopping centre lists various merchants to choose gift cards from—and Apple is one of them.

You don’t even need to shop at Apple–it could be at any retailer in the store. You could go upgrade your appliances at The Bay and then get 10% back in Apple Store gift cards, for example.

This means an automatic 10% cash back from your Apple Store purchase and is a rare time to save on new purchases at the Apple Store, if you were ready to drop at least a couple grand.

Oakridge says the promotion of course excludes purchases for gift cards and does not apply to layaways, pre-orders, split transactions, or combined receipts. So you’ll need to spend $2,000 at least with one transaction. Only two gift cards per person can be redeemed per day, available at the mall’s Concierge desk.

The Oakridge Summer Shopping Event started on July 6 and goes until July 26, 2020.