Smart Clock Accessory for Amazon Echo Flex Launches in Canada

Smart clock echo flex 2

Amazon has launched pre-orders for a new accessory for its Echo Flex, called Smart Clock, essentially adding a digital display to “help customers stay organized and on time at home.”

Echo Flex essentially is a tiny plug-in smart speaker with Alexa and currently on sale for $30 each if you buy two right now.

Made by Third Reality, the Amazon Smart Clock for Echo Flex costs $19.99 and is available for pre-order today, and will ship on August 11, 2020.

Smart clock echo flex

The Smart Clock accessory has a digital display that will automatically adjust brightness during day and night. The display is helpful for when you set timers and the accessory plugs directly into the bottom of the Echo Flex via USB.

Along with Smart Clock, other accessories for Echo Flex include the Smart Nightlight and Smart Motion Sensor as certified ‘Made for Amazon’ accessories.

You can click here to pre-order the Smart Clock for Echo Flex here on