Rogers Text Message Authorizations for Port-In/Port-Out Requests Coming in November

Rogers and other wireless carriers are set to relaunch SMS text message authorizations for port-in and port-out requests, according to an internal memo seen by iPhone in Canada.

Using text message authorizations, customers will be able to authorize a port-in or port-out request by replying YES or NO.

Rogers explains this “new solution” coming November 3, 2020, will help protect customer information, while also make it easier to transfer a number to the company.

For customers porting their number into Rogers from another carrier, the SMS text message requests are only valid for 90 minutes. Rogers says employees should leave a customer’s existing phone turned on and SIM card in to receive the port authorization request.

Currently, Rogers customers will receive a text message that reads, “Rogers has received a request to transfer your telephone number to another Service Provider. If you did not authorize, contact Rogers urgently at 1-877-327-8503,” when there are port out requests.

The addition of a quick text message response of YES or NO saves time and is similar to what some credit card companies rely on to notify customers of potentially fraudulent transactions.

Last year, a Rogers customer was victim of social engineering and saw their account get taken over by hackers using a method known as SIM swapping. Now, customers should be notified by text message of any requests to port a number out from Rogers.

Rogers adds those with a lost or stolen phone will need to contact their carrier to approve a port out request.