Here’s What Could Be Draining Your iPhone 12 Battery Overnight

If you’re experiencing unexpected battery drain with your shiny new iPhone 12, a Reddit user has suggested it could have been caused by Siri and Shortcuts.

Fix battery drain iphone 12

The user noticed his iPhone 12 Pro was experiencing a battery drain of more than 10% overnight and upon investigating, he found Siri and Shortcuts to be the ones using the battery “almost for the entire night.”

The user says he followed these steps to fix the excessive battery drain by Siri:

  1. Disable Siri in Settings (Turn off the toggles for “hey Siri” and Press for Siri)
  2. Restart the iPhone
  3. Turn Siri on again

*For Shortcuts I had to disable background app refresh for it.

His iPhone 12 Pro battery life has been significantly better, since disabling these things. Let us know if you’re also experiencing the issue and if this tip makes it any better.