iOS 14 Bug: iPhone Not Getting Text Notifications for Some Users

A growing number of iOS 14 users are complaining that they are not receiving notifications on their iPhones upon receiving SMS texts and iMessages, The Verge is reporting. The issue is quite widespread and is also being experienced by our team at iPhoneinCanada.

Iphone 12

Affected users see new text messages coming through fine on their iPhones, but without any pop-up notification or even a red badge to indicate that there’s an unread SMS or iMessage. The issue was initially reported by users of the new iPhone 12 but now, users with older iPhones are also complaining.

The glitch is said to be most likely associated with iOS 14, with several workarounds like turning off Messages on a Mac, or deleting and re-adding contacts being suggested by users.

“Some are noticing they get notifications if they completely force close the Messages app every time after sending a text. And in other cases, the missing notifications are only happening for pinned conversations, and unpinning contacts seems to do the trick. There are sporadic reports of success with these short-term fixes, but they aren’t working for everyone.”

Apple has not yet issued a statement regarding the matter but are expecting the company to roll out a software update to fix the problem very soon.