Videotron Promo: Internet 400 Available from $55/month in Quebec

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If you’re in Quebec and looking for an internet offer, Videotron has its Unlimited Helix Internet 400 plan listed online from $71 per month, but for select addresses right now, it can be as low as $55 per month, on a two-year term, but most are showing at $61 per month.

The starting $55/month price (spotted for Laval) for Internet 400 offers up to 400 Mbps download speeds with unlimited data, plus a $10/month Helix modem financing charge over 24 months ($240).

If you’re able to find a used Helix modem via online classifieds, that might save you a few bucks instead of going through financing.

After the 24 months is over, the price will increase to $81 per month, the regular rate. Many on RedFlagDeals living in Quebec are noting this is a decent deal for internet in the province, compared to existing offers.

[via RFD]