Sonos Move Battery Replacement Kit Debuts, Along with Free Spanish Content

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Sonos has made two announcements today, debuting a battery replacement kit for its Sonos Move smart speaker, plus offering free Spanish language content for a limited time.

Sonos Move Battery Replacement Kit

The Sonos Move is the company’s first portable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker and now a battery replacement kit is available. Sonos says the speaker’s battery is rated to last roughly three years or 900 charges. But the battery replacement kit will allow your speaker to last even longer.

The new Sonos Move battery replacement kit includes a new battery, tools and replacement screws. It’s available in Lunar White or Shadow Black for $89 CAD on

For the old battery, Sonos says you can recycle it locally, or they will send you a return label to mail it back.

Free Spanish Language Content from Convoy Network

Sonos says starting today, over 6,000 hours of Spanish language programs and podcasts from the Convoy Network are available free for a limited time. Just add the Convoy Network service to the Sonos app, to listen to the likes of Tristekorno, Poderoso, and Olallo Rubio Podcast, for free.