Apple Discussions with Kia, Hyundai for Electric Car Have Paused, Report Says

Apple’s recent talks with Hyundai and Kia over producing an electric car for the iPhone maker have paused as of late, according to Bloomberg.

The publication says according to unnamed sources, “the discussions paused recently.”

Sources also said Apple has been talking with other automakers over its electric vehicle plans.

While Apple tries to find an automaker to build its electric car, sources say within the Hyundai group, there is conflict as to whether it would be Hyundai or Kia to build the iPhone maker’s electric vehicle, say sources.

Should talks resume, one source told Bloomberg Kia is seen as the more favoured company to build Apple’s autonomous car.

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal said talks between Apple and Kia were not finalized yet.

Apple’s electric car isn’t set to arrive for at least half a decade, and when it does, it will face some stiff competition in the autonomous driving space, specifically from Tesla.

Earlier today, Nikkei reported Apple was negotiating with at least six Japanese automakers regarding electric vehicle supply chain and production.