Rogers Offering $50/25GB BYOD Plan to Some Customers

50 25gb rogers

Image via RFD user ‘Reisen’

Rogers has long offered a $45/25GB bring your own device ‘winback’ plan since last December, but now it appears it also can offer a $50/25GB for existing customers, if they qualify.

According to RFD, a Rogers customer that was on a $75/20GB financing plan called in to ask for a better deal, specifically the $45/25GB, after reading on a Chinese forum it was being offered.

After calling Rogers, RFD user ‘Reisen’ says they were told the $45/25GB plan was not available since they were not targeted, but did end up offering the $50/25GB plan, since they had been a customer for three years with the company. The user said calling into Rogers saved them a step of switching and awaiting a call from the ‘winback’ team.

The Rogers $50/25GB plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and messaging, plus the usual extras like caller ID and voicemail.

Others chimed in to say they were also able to get the $45/25GB plan, also with $300 in promo device credits. While both of these plans should be categorized under the ‘your mileage may vary’ (YMMV) category, it might be worth calling Rogers if you have the patience and are seeking a new plan.