iPhone 4s Users Experiencing AirPods Max Connectivity Issues

If you own an iPhone 4s running iOS 6 and are experiencing problems connecting to your AirPods Max headphones, you are not alone as a number of users are reporting Bluetooth connectivity issues.

As noted by a Twitter user, while the AirPods Max are compatible with the iPhone 4s, they don’t seem to stay connected all the time. And even when they do connect, the audio gets muted when the track changes or you scrub the song.

“In Bluetooth settings it connected just fine, but I couldn’t set it as the audio output at first. The resolution was turning off Bluetooth and turning it back on. Worked on the second try,” the user continues.

The user also notes that Siri works just fine, as well as the microphone so there are no issues making phone calls on your iPhone 4s using the AirPods Max.

So if you own an older iPhone and are thinking of buying the AirPods Max, it’s good to keep in mind what works and what doesn’t.