Amazon Announces Alexa for Xbox App in Canada and the USA

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Amazon has announced Alexa for Xbox, set to roll out in Canada and the United States in the “coming days”, according to the company in an email to iPhone in Canada.

Alexa for Xbox is a new app to allow Xbox Series X/S customers to enjoy Alexa on their TV screens, powered by their voice.

You’ll need to connect an Amazon Echo or compatible Alexa device with the Alexa for Xbox app to get started. Then, you’ll be able to use Alexa to turn on and off your console, control multimedia, record gameplay, connect with friends and control other aspects of your Xbox.

Here are some example Alexa controls for Xbox:

  • Turn your console on or off – “Alexa, turn on/off Xbox”
  • Launch your favourite game – “Alexa, launch Fortnite on Xbox”
  • Check for new games – “Alexa, what’s new on Game Pass”
  • Switch to a binge-worthy series – “Alexa, open Netflix on Xbox”
  • If you need to pause your show or movie – “Alexa, tell Xbox to pause/resume”
  • Don’t miss a moment – “Alexa, tell Xbox to record that”
  • Invite your friends – “Alexa, ask Xbox is [friend/gamertag] online?”

Alexa for Xbox will also let you play music and control your compatible smart home devices, and more:

  • Get in your zone – “Alexa, play <artist name> on Xbox”
  • When the doorbell rings – “Alexa, show me the front door camera”
  • Expecting an important email? – “Alexa, show me my email”
  • Plan your week – “Alexa, show me my calendar”
  • What’s the weather forecast? – “Alexa, show me the weather”

The Alexa for Xbox app will be available for download in the coming days for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.