Fido Offers ‘Exclusive’ Plans to Existing Customers, From $55/25GB to $95/50GB

Fido is offering some “exclusive” plans for existing customers, which can be seen when you log into your account online.

The following data, talk and text monthly plans are being offered, according to RFD user ‘awesome truth’ based in Ontario:

  • $55/25GB
  • $60/30GB
  • $65/35GB
  • $70/40GB
  • $95/50GB

Others are also seeing plans such as $50/20GB and $45/15GB being offered as well.

These plans have way more data compared to what’s on Fido’s website. For example, a $55 plan only includes 8GB on, whereas the special offer includes 25GB for that price. Fido’s website also maxes out at an $80/15GB plan, whereas the special offer has a $95 plan with 50GB.

Many other Fido customers chimed in to corroborate the plan offers above, while some were provided lower plans or just one or two of the special plans listed above.

If you’re with Fido, it may be worth signing into your account online to see if you qualify for any of these promo plans.