Rovio Launches Team-Based RPG ‘Darkfire Heroes’ on iOS, Android

Rovio Entertainment, the creators of Angry Birds, have just released an all-new strategic team-based RPG ‘Darkfire Heroes’ for iOS and Android, which is now available to download for free worldwide on the App Store and Google Play.

Darkfire heroes

The game lets you a powerful party of heroes and embark on an adventure for the ages in a rich fantasy world. Players must assemble a powerful team of heroes to take on hordes of baddies. There is a collection of over 60 heroes at launch, each with their own unique style, abilities, and attacks.

Darkfire heroes 2

Choose the right heroes to take into battle, outfit them with powerful gear, and unleash powerful spells against enemies. There’s a substantial campaign for those looking for a single-player experience, but also a PvP arena for players that crave a bit of competition.

“We were thrilled to bring Rovio Copenhagen onboard last year because of their commitment to making deep, accessible RPGs and finding what makes that genre tick – a strategy that is right at home among Rovio’s game studios,” said Rovio CEO Pelletier-Normand.

“That strategy comes through in Darkfire Heroes, which shows the passion and skill of the Copenhagen team and what they’ve learned making games together for the better part of a decade.”

You can download Darkfire Heroes right now using the following App Store link.

Download Darkfire Heroes for, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad [Direct Link]