Rogers Offering $36/25GB ‘Winback’ Plan with $300 Credit to Some Former Customers

The latest Rogers ‘winback’ plan being offered to customers appears to be in the form of a $36/25GB plan after discounts.

‘Winback’ plans are offered to former customers in an effort to bring them back to the company. According to RFD, the latest plan is a $45/25GB offering, but with 20% off for 24 months, taking it down to $36/month.

This Rogers ‘winback’ offer also includes a $100 bill credit, no activation fee, no SIM card fee, plus an extra $200 hardware credit if you buy a phone from the company.

The RFD user is located in B.C. and received a call from 778-382-9955, and is currently a Telus customer on the latter’s $45/25 plan with unlimited data. This customer went from Rogers to Koodo, then to Freedom, then to Telus. So it appears Rogers is trying hard here to win back an old customer.

Other RFD users corroborated the plan being offered as legit, but it appears the offer is not being made available to everybody, as these ‘winback’ offers typically fall into the ‘You Mileage May Vary’ (YMMV) territory.