Rogers Doesn’t Allow Tablets to Access its 5G Network Yet [Update]

For Rogers customers with a 5G-ready Infinite plan, attempting to use your tablet on the 5G network isn’t allowed yet, explains the company.

iPhone in Canada reader Joshua has been trying to use his 5G-enabled M1 iPad Pro on the Rogers 5G network, but according to his correspondence with the company, they aren’t allowing tablets to access 5G yet.

“I currently have an iPad Pro with 5G that hasn’t worked on 5G yet because Rogers won’t allow 5G to be set on the profile. It’s a tablet that’s added to my Rogers Infinite plan,” explained Joshua to a Rogers online chat agent.

After checking his account, the Rogers rep replied, “okay, so unfortunately at this time we still haven’t made the tablet lines 5G compatible.”

Cellular versions of Apple’s M1 iPad Pro are able to install system software updates over cellular networks. But for Rogers customers with Infinite plans—which support 5G and have no data overages—they are unable to use their tablets on the 5G network just yet.

We’ve reached out to Rogers for clarification, but did not hear back at press time. We will update this story accordingly.

Are you waiting for Rogers to support tablets on its 5G network?

Update June 25, 2021: iPhone in Canada has learned Rogers 5G tablet plans will be available in the coming weeks this summer, according to a company spokesperson.