Google Updates Nest’s Commitments to User Privacy and Security

In a new blog post, Google has revisited Nest’s commitments to privacy that give users a better understanding of how its products work in their homes. The company has also announced some new privacy updates for Nest’s connected home devices and services. 


Moving forward, Google says it will validate its Nest devices using an independent security standard. Google Nest connected smart home devices introduced in 2019 or later are now validated using third-party, industry-recognized security standards, like those developed by the Internet of Secure Things Alliance.

Before new products launch, Google says it will assess them against these standards to make sure they’re meeting them.

Below are the highlights of Google Nest’s updated privacy commitments:

  • Google Nest participates in the Google vulnerability reward program. This provides monetary rewards for security researchers outside of Google who test our products.
  • We help protect your account security as the first step in safety. Your Google Account is your way into your Nest devices, and we take account security seriously.
  • We issue critical bug fixes and patches for at least five years after launch.
  • We use verified boot to protect your devices. All our devices introduced in 2019 and after use verified boot, which checks that the device is running the right software every time it restarts.
  • We give you visibility into which devices are connected to your account. All the devices that you’re signed into will show up in your Google Account device activity page.

You can learn more about Nest’s safety and security features at this link.