Spotify Launches New Beta App with Native Support for M1 Macs

Nearly eight months after the feature was originally requested, Spotify has now announced the launch of its new beta app that brings a number of compatibility improvements and optimizations for the new M1-based Macs.


“We have been working hard backstage on this and are happy to announce that we now have a Beta version of our app available. It features many compatibility improvements and optimizations for the new Apple architecture,” notes the music streaming giant.

Spotify, however, adds that since this is a beta release, the app might show some unexpected behaviour. “We’ll use all the feedback and info we get from you to tweak and improve your Spotify experience.”

To install the Beta app, double click the .dmg file and then drag the app to your Applications folder, replacing the version you may have installed now. To go back to the regular version, please download and install it from

We can’t wait to hear from you and learn how your experience was.

You can download the new Spotify beta app for Mac using this link.