Google Developing New iOS App “Switch to Android” for Data Transfer

According to a report by 9to5Google, a new iOS app called “Switch to Android” is being developed by Google, which will allow users to quickly copy some of the most important data from their iPhones and bring over the apps to their Android devices.

Android to ios

Currently, the only official way to bring data from your iPhone to a new Android device is to back everything up into Google Drive then download it again on your new phone. While this method backs up your most important data and photos, your apps do not get transferred to the new device.

In a recent update to Android’s official “Data Restore Tool,” the source has noticed mentions of a Google-developed “Switch to Android” app for iOS, much like Apple’s “Move to iOS” app for Android.

“From what we can tell, rather than copying your data through something like a USB-C to Lightning cable, the Switch to Android app flow will start a local WiFi network (like a hotspot) on your Android. On your iPhone, you’ll connect to this new network, and the two apps will take care of the rest.”

At the moment, the Switch to Android app has not been released for download in the App Store, but it should only be a matter of time before it becomes available.