Apple Revises Payment Plan Terms in Canada for iPhone 13 Lineup

Last year, Apple introduced its ‘buy now, pay later’ program in Canada, offering interest-free 12 or 24 month payments for iPhone, iPad and Mac nationwide and in Quebec, according to the compnay.


This year, however, Apple Canada’s Paybright installment plans appear to have gotten worse with the company now giving users only 6 months to pay back for their iPhone 13 and new iPad devices.

For the Mac, users have up to 12 months to pay with 0% APR.

Below, Apple gives the example of a $999 purchase over 6 months, showing $0 interest charges and processing fees.

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According to the fine print, “0% APR payment plans are available on approved credit for iPhone purchases over $99, and iPad and Mac purchases over $199.”

Apple explained in an email to customers 0% APR is only available for a “limited time” and is available online and in-store.