Netflix to Introduce TikTok-like Feature Aimed at a Younger Audience

Netflix will soon introduce a TikTok-like feature aimed at kids and younger viewers. The feature will begin rolling out in Canada, the US, Australia, Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, and Ireland this week.

The new TikTok feature for kids is reportedly being used to help attract a younger audience and help discoverability of certain programs on the platform, as first reported by Bloomberg. The feature is being dubbed ‘Kids Clips’ and will be available on Netflix’s iOS app. Hidden code regarding the feature was first discovered by iOS developer Steve Moser and shared with Bloomberg News. Netflix later confirmed the existence of the feature.

Kids Clips is said to show short videos from Netflix’s library of kid-oriented content. Between shows and movies, Netflix’s content aimed at kids will continue to grow and evolve based on future additions to the library. Each video will be viewed horizontally on the screen. A limit of 10 to 20 clips will be viewable at a time.

Netflix has previously tested a similar feature called ‘Fast Laughs’ in the past. Earlier this year, this feature was aimed at exposing audience members to comedy clips offered on the platform. However, rather than being viewable horizontally, Fast Laughs was vertical only, similar to traditional TikToks.

There’s currently no word on when Android support for Kids Clips will be available. Additionally, with the feature rolling out in select markets, it will be interesting to see how long before a mass rollout is initiated.