Canada is Becoming a Pillar in Twitter’s Engineering Presence Around the World

Twitter Canada has been continuously building its engineering team in Vancouver. As a part of its expansion, the BC-based engineering hub has been attracting new talent and solidifying Twitter Canada’s importance in

In a recent fireside chat hosted by Head of Communications Cam Gordon and Managing Director Paul Burns, Twitter Canada discussed the current state of the engineering team and what the future of Twitter Canada may hold in 2022 and beyond.

Twitter Canada’s engineering expansion was first announced in March 2021. As part of the company’s competitive strategy, Twitter Canada wanted to prioritize talent acquisition. This led to looking at connecting and attracting new personnel graduating from schools across the country. Not only focused on engineering but pulling in talent in marketing, sales, and other sectors, Twitter Canada has been utilizing the talent pool that Canada offers.

Recently, Twitter Canada has tapped graduates from UBC, hiring them as a part of the Vancouver team. Burns talked about the expansion Twitter Canada has seen throughout the months. Twitter Canada now has an estimated 200+ employees across Canada. This year, it’s grown to see 20 hires locally in Vancouver and 30+ diverse employees in the city overall.

“I think Twitter has been seeing and looking at Canada and Vancouver specifically as you know, a place to put some significant investment into the market and put some roots down,” Burns said.

Tristan Jung Senior Engineering Manager & Canadian Engineering Site Lead discussed the possibility of Twitter Canada opening up a Vancouver office. “There are no plans to open up a Vancouver office.” As 30 Vancouver employees are working remotely, the remote work situation not only pertaining to Twitter Canada but all sorts of companies are constantly changing. Although the team isn’t substantial in size, this has allowed the company to create a culture it believes is healthy, diverse, and sustainable.

Finally, looking into the future, Jung touched on what 2022 may hold for the company. When asked about opening additional offices around the country, Jung stated, “I think the short answer is it’s highly possible that we will look at many office locations in the Canadian market in the future. At the moment, you know, it’s we’re at that we’re at a stage where that’s that’s not necessarily a reality.” Bringing on talent in a remote setting throughout the pandemic has been shown to be a feat not only through Twitter by many companies in tech around the country.

However, that won’t be stunting Twitter Canada’s growth heading into the new year. Currently, there are 80 open roles available to Canadians. Twitter Canada stands to be a major asset in the company’s vision of building a strong engineering presence throughout the world.