Best Apple Black Friday Deal 2021: iPhone 11 for $75 After Trade-In and Points Bonus

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If you’re looking for one of the best Apple Black Friday deals for 2021, you may want to check out The Mobile Shop dealers found at Loblaws, Superstore and more.

Right now, a 64GB iPhone 11 is available for $0 upfront on Rogers with a $29.17/month in financing over two years, for a device price of $700. But there’s a bonus right now with 525,000 PC Optimum Points, worth $525. That makes your iPhone 11 work out to $175 (you’ll still need to pay a $50 activation fee on top; some were able to get the fee waived).

But if you trade-in in any old phone, you can also get $100 in credits. That can potentially take the price down to $75.

If you end up changing your mind and cancelling your financing contract, you’ll of course need to repay the device price.

Some RFD members in B.C. noted after tax, it would be $862 for the iPhone 11 (device price plus $50 activation fee plus tax), but apparently, the points are yours to keep, taking the price to $337 for the iPhone 11 (not taking into account a potential $100 trade-in). A new iPhone 11 64GB is selling for $550-$600 on Craigslist in Vancouver, for example.

Other retailers such as Best Buy and Costco are also offering a huge gift card bonus on the iPhone 11. Best Buy is offering a $525 gift card, while Costco Mobility is offering a $475 gift card.