SpaceX Starlink Delivery Timelines Pushed to 2022 Amid Chip Shortage

According to an email obtained by Tesla North, SpaceX has informed its customers they should check updated delivery timelines for their ordered Starlink hardware via their account, as chip shortages over the last six months have slowed down production.


“Silicon shortages over the last six months have slowed our expected production rate and impacted our ability to fulfill many Starlink orders this year,” notes the company in its email.

“We apologize for the delay and are working hard across our engineering, supply chain, and production teams to improve and streamline our product and factory to increase our production rate,” adds SpaceX.

SpaceX says over 14 million people have inquired about Starlink and the service is available in over 20 countries.

When checking accounts, some users are now seeing the message, “Starlink expects to expand service in your area by mid-2022.” Previously, the message said mid to late 2021.

SpaceX says outside of the USA, Starlink is available in 20 additional countries now: Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal, Chile, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Mexico, Sweden, and Croatia.

For iPhone in Canada reader Mark M., he details how his pre-order from February 2021 has since been delayed to 2022.

Starlink is set to launch in more than 45 new countries by the end of 2022.