Shopify’s Black Friday Data Shows 97% Increase in POS Sales Across Canada

Shopify has just released its annual Black Friday weekend sales data, revealing positive YoY sales trends compared to 2020. As of this morning, 25% of Canadian sales are cross-border, with Apparel & Accessories, Home & Garden, and Health & Beauty being the most popular product categories.


According to Shopify’s latest data, Canadians are not only buying from domestic favourites but also from brands based in the U.S., U.K., and Australia. Moreover, there is a 97% increase in point of sale (POS) sales made by Shopify merchants since last year as lockdown measures have eased significantly.

This year also saw $148.41 CAD as the average cart price in Canada, up from 132.73 CAD over 2020, with Toronto, Calgary, and Montréal being the top-selling cities in the country.

Below are some highlights from Shopify merchants in Canada:

  • 12:00 PM EST: peak sales hour on Black Friday
  • Top Selling Cities: Toronto, Calgary, Montréal
  • $148.41 CAD: average cart price
  • Apparel & Accessories: top product category
  • 25%: percentage of cross-border orders
  • Top Cities (Curbside Pickup): Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver
  • Top Cities (Local Delivery): Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa
  • 97%: increase in POS sales made by Shopify merchants since last year

Based on Shopify’s global data, London (UK), New York (USA), and Los Angeles (USA) were the top-selling cities in the world during Black Friday weekend.