Valve to Launch Steam Deck on February 25th

Valve has announced that its portable Steam-based handheld Steam Deck console will launch on February 25, 2022. Those who have secured a preorder for the hardware will receive an email on that day asking them to finalize their order.

After a slight delay nearing the end of 2021, Valve is readying itself to launch its highly anticipated Steam Deck. While launching on February 25, units will begin to start shipping out on February 28. This means that each person who preordered the hardware has three days to finalize their order before their reservation is given to the next person in the queue.

Additional information regarding orders have been released by Valve and read as followed:

  • We will start sending invites shortly after 10:00 am on February 25th, PST
  • Order emails are sent in the same order that reservations were made.
  • You can only order the Steam Deck model that you originally reserved.
  • Your reservation deposit will be applied to the final price of Steam Deck, and shipping costs are included.

Valve’s Steam Deck is very akin to the Nintendo Switch as it enables players to take their Steam Library on the go and play it either handheld or on their TV display. It runs on a Linux-derived SteamOS and was revealed in July of last year.

Valve will be selling their SKUs of the product, a 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB NVMe model. Initially, the Steam Deck was to begin shipping in December 2021. However, due to component shortages and supply chain issues, it was delayed until February.

The company is still offering a chance to be added to the queue for $5.70CAD. However, new orders aren’t expected to be placed until “after Q2 2022”.