Here are the Best U.S. Super Bowl Ads that Didn’t Air in Canada [VIDEOS]

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The annual NFL Super Bowl draws over a hundred million viewers, and with this many eyeballs glued to televisions, U.S. advertisers are willing to spend millions on a limited number of ad spots.

Back in September, NBC in the U.S. said 30-second ad spots were priced at a whopping $6.5 million USD ($8.2 million CAD); updated figures have yet to be released.

Beyond the game itself and this year’s epic hip hop half-time show, the American ads offer the best entertainment as well, featuring celebrities and more.

In Canada, Bell Media has broadcasting rights to the Super Bowl and following a 2019 Supreme Court of Canada ruling, Canadian ads would be shown on TV channels here, including U.S. channels as well. The ruling benefits Bell Media and allows it to charge for ad spots shown during the Super Bowl in Canada.

For the most part, Canadian ads are pretty boring compared to the big-budgeted U.S. ads, usually backed by Hollywood star power.

“For those interested in watching the American ads, most of them are already available to be viewed online,” explains the CRTC.

YouTube video

YouTube video

With all this being said, check out some of the best U.S. Super Bowl ads that aired yesterday, that you didn’t see in Canada. Fellow Canadians Mike Myers and Eugene Levy starred in a couple of the ads, while we also saw a plethora of electric vehicle ads take place for the first time in the U.S.

What was your favourite U.S. Super Bowl ad from yesterday?

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