Dyson Reveals New Headphones Featuring a Built-In Air Purifier

Dyson has announced a brand new wearable that is entering the fray of products. The Dyson Zone is a pair of headphones featuring a built-in air purifier, keeping it in line with one of the company’s core tenets.

As now featured on the Dyson website, the Dyson Zone is listed as a noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphone with an attachment for air purification. The goal of the product is to not only cut down on air pollution, something many Dyson products aim to achieve for the common household but also cut on noise pollution while the Dyson Zone is in use.

Air purification is expertly woven into many of Dyson’s products. In regards to the Dyson Zone, the headset pulls in the air via each earpiece. The air then gets filtered through the product’s visor-esque attachment and the user can then breathe the purified air. The earpieces, which contain the filters, are said to be able to filter 99 percent of air pollutants, including bacteria, allergens, and car pollution.

The face visor is said to be engineered not to sit directly on the face of the wearer. Instead, it sits close to the face and provides a steady stream of clean air for both the mouth and nose. The visor itself is detachable thanks to its magnets, meaning the headphones can be used as a standalone product. Alternatively, the visor can be flipped down so the wearer can have a conversation with someone while still wearing the Dyson Zone.

According to the company, the last six years have been spent researching and developing the product. After 500 prototypes, Dyson is reaching the end of its pre-release cycle.

Currently, there’s no word on how much the Dyson Zone will cost or when the company aims to launch the product in Canada or worldwide.