Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six Mobile for iOS and Android

Ubisoft has announced Rainbow Six Mobile for iOS and Android. The tactical FPS game looks to bring the adored action of Rainbox Six Siege to smartphones around the world.

Rainbow Six Mobile is not a straight port of the ongoing strategic Siege, which has gained a ton of popularity on consoles and PC since its 2015 launch. Instead, the free-to-play mobile title keeps the game’s spirit while providing a riff on the core gameplay. Rainbow Six Mobile offer 5v5 team-based gameplay with players adopting operators and their gadgets.

Much like Siege, Rainbow Six Mobile sees one team infiltrating a compound and using drones and gadgets to get the upper hand. The defenders, on the other hand, deploy tactical stylings to reinforce the base and force the attackers to leave themselves vulnerable.

YouTube video

MAtches are said to be shorter in Rainbow Six Mobile. Each match will be determined on a best of three bases. Another small tweak to note is that it appears as though the HUD has been changed. On top of that, the art style of the game is more animated than its counterpart. Revealed already are operators Caveira, Bandit, Smoke, Valkyrie, Mute, Ash, Sledge, Twitch, Thermite, and Hibana. Much of their unique looks are intact with rare exceptions.

Ubisoft has seemingly confirmed a few of the maps from Siege will also be featured on the mobile game. Both Bank and Border can be spotted, which should please a lot of fans. Game modes at launch will be varied and include Bomb and Secure Area.

Players eager to get their hands on the game can register to play prior to the official launch on the website.

Currently, there is no confirmed date of when Rainbow Six Mobile will launch aside from noting that it is arriving “later this year.”

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