Steven Spielberg Uses iPhone for His Music Video Directorial Debut

Veteran Hollywood director Steven Spielberg made his music video directorial debut over the weekend, shooting the entire video in a single 3-minute take exclusively using an iPhone, MacObserver is reporting.


The video is for Marcus Mumford (of Mumford and Sons) and his latest single “Cannibal”. It was shot in a New York school gymnasium with Spielberg’s wife, Kate Capshaw, acting as producer, and art director, and also pulling Spielberg around in an office chair.

Spielberg’s debut music video shows just how capable the iPhone camera is at capturing video. It also shows that anyone can produce professional-quality videos simply using an iPhone.

Apple also regularly posts new videos to its YouTube page showing the power of the iPhone camera. Oscar nominee Jason Reitman directed a short film called Saving Simon, which was shot using an iPhone 13 Pro.

Check out the first-ever music video directed by Steven Spielberg, shot on iPhone below.