Apple Spotlights ‘Marvel Future Revolution’ in New Feature

Marvel Future Revolution, an open-world superhero MMORPG, is a massive Marvel mashup that unites heroes and villains from all universes, timelines, and realities for a giant free-for-all.


“The goal was to bring the full superhero experience to the widest possible audience,” production director Joe Lee told Apple. “Marvel has such a huge crowd and so many different characters. We needed to find our own big tweak,” he added.

Selecting and plotting characters is the most crucial aspect of the game’s design. To pick the game’s heroes, Lee and his team relied on common sense.

“With the characters, it’s about what the game needed,” says Lee, “not necessarily what was new.”

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“When we’re adding a character, we’ll think, ‘OK, we already have a few sorcery characters and damage dealers — maybe we need a close-quarter character?” says Lee.

“But also: If we already have Doctor Strange, do we need Wanda Maximoff too?”

When it came time to design the map, the team started small. “It’s a pretty huge map,” Lee joked.

“We wanted to see the target quality as soon as possible. So we’d start by focusing on a small corner of the map, one landmark, one enemy and maybe one NPC.”

From there, they’d sketch out the combat and drop in some dialogue. Once that was settled? “It pretty much goes out the window,” laughs Lee

You can read the lengthy feature in its entirety at this link.

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