Apple Studio Display Users Raise Complaints Over Electrical Interference Buzzing Sounds

Numerous users of Apple’s Studio Display are now taking to online forums and support channels to signal an issue stemming from the device. Multiple users are experiencing what’s described as a high-pitched buzzing sound emanating from the Studio Display with some claiming it may be caused by electrical interference.

Over the course of the last few months, many Studio Display users have taken to TwitterReddit and the Apple Support Community to complain about the issue. As reported by MacRumors, these complaints have also hit their own forum. In many cases, the affected user describes the sound as a “buzzing” or a “humming sound” that is active when the Studio Display is turned on.

In one instance, a user claims that the issue intensifies when the Studio Display is plugged into a MacBook Pro. Another user narrows down their particular issue stating “it’s not the fans” and that “it only happens when my MBP (M1) or iPad Pro are plugged in to the display.”

Many have begun to come forward and believe the issue is due to electrical interference.

“Whenever the dimmer is turned on, the buzzing noise starts coming out from the ASD. The dimmers are not even on the same breaker as my ASD. The only thing I can think of is that the dimmers are creating electrical noise that is propagating to the electrical panel which then propagates to the ASD.”

“Now it’s one thing that the dimmers are creating electrical noise. But it’s another thing that only the ASD is reacting to this noise. I don’t hear this electrical noise coming out of any other thing in my house. It appears to be an issue with the ASD power supply. Whether it’s a problem with the specific display I have or the choice of components in the design of the ASD power supply, I do not know.”

Others have reached out directly to Apple in order to have the issue resolved. However, based on many counts of this happening, some are still awaiting a resolution. It appears as though Apple itself isn’t able to quantify the issue at hand.

Apple has yet to release an official statement on the matter. Based on the number of affected users, it appears as though the company should be aware of the problem at hand. However, it’s hard to say how widespread it is. The Studio Display issue is a rather unique problem and thus many who have taken to online forums are standing out.

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