Valve Reveals New Revamped Steam Mobile App, Includes New UI, 2FA, and More

Valve is introducing a revamped Steam mobile app across both iOS and Android. The new Steam app offers two-factor authentication, a brand-new UI, as well as some quality-of-life features. The app is available to download now.

In a blog post, the Steam team discussed all the new additions users will find upon upgrading to the new mobile app. The previous version was often dismissed as it was obtuse in many ways. Valve has been testing the new app since August and is now ready with a “new framework, new design, and new features.”

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Most notably, the new Steam app includes updated security features. One of which is two-factor authentication (2FA). As any Steam user’s worst nightmare is losing access to their library and account, users can now set up 2FA to ensure a heightened sense of security. Additionally, Valve is adding a QR code sign-in method. Using this, players can scan a QR code rather than having to sign into their account. Using this method, users will find a confirmation page that highlights details about the sign-in attempt. This includes the geolocation of the device you’re signing into. With everything verified, users can either approve or deny the request.

There are also options to manually type in the required sign-in information without using the device’s camera. Users can type in the Steam Guard code manually, even if the device doesn’t have service. Plus, via the Authorized Devices page, users can remotely sign out of a device, say from a friend’s PC.

The new Steam mobile app also includes the ability to see all games within your Steam library. The app also enables users to remotely install games to their PC. Alternatively, you can also remotely uninstall games. Support for in-store browsing, purchasing, trades, etc. have been improved.

Looking forward, Valve is determined to bring QR sign-in support to the Steam Deck. Plus, it hopes to add the Authorized Devices page to browser and Steam Client.

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