Amazon Canada Cyber Monday Deal: Get $10 Free with $100 Apple Gift Card

apple gift card promotion amazon

Amazon Canada is back again with another deal on Apple Gift Card purchases, offering up a $10 credit when you buy $100 or more.

According to Amazon’s digital gift card page for Apple Gift Cards, the company says, you can “receive $10.00 in Amazon credits when you spend $100.00 or more on select Apple Email Gift Cards,” when you enter the code APPLECA at checkout. There’s a limit of one per customer. Others are saying the code APPLEDEAL also works.

apple gift card offer amazon

Once you’ve selected your Apple Gift Card amount of $100 or higher and it’s been added to your cart, enter in code APPLECA at checkout. How to know if the promo has been applied for you? You’ll see “Qualifying offers: Apple Promo” underneath your order total at check out, as seen below in our screenshot:

amazon qualifying offers

While this isn’t a spectacular promo, it’s nice and easy to get $10 in free credit for doing next to nothing. Your digital Apple Gift Card will be emailed to you (it takes 5 minutes), and you can then use that code to fund your Apple ID.

We saw Amazon offer this same promo last December. If you’re not seeing the promo on the Amazon mobile app, try using a desktop browser instead.

Click here to visit to claim your free $10 with your $100 or more purchase of Apple Gift Cards.