Tineco Floor One S5 Review

The longer I’ve lived in Toronto, the greater I’ve grown to appreciate any device that cuts down on the amount of clutter I have in my closets. The Tineco Floor One S5 does exactly that via a smart and effective wet-dry vacuum and mop.

Tineco is a long-established company but may have fallen under the radar. However, its innovations in combining a cordless vacuum with a heavy-duty mop aren’t one to overlook. The Floor One S5 builds wonderful synergy from one cleaner to the other. The dual-purpose device is able to execute and clean many surfaces within the home. Above all else, it cuts down on the clutter in one’s home and reduces cleaning time all at once.

However, there are a few notable drawbacks to the Tinoco device. There are small concessions that need to be made in exchange for the convenience the Floor One S5 provides. However, these may be dependent on the size of your home as well as the types of flooring you’re looking to clean. However, when it comes to the important bits such as efficiency and usability, Tineco has it in spades.

Out of the box

I was fairly surprised by how compact the Floor One S5 was upon unboxing the device. Given that it had to encompass all the inner workings of vacuum and mop, I was somewhat expecting a larger footprint. However, the Tineco Floo One S5 is just a bit larger than other competitive devices on the market. However, it takes up substantially less room than what a cordless vacuum and mop would on their own. Its footprint comes in at about 43.3 x 10.6 x 9.8 inches. Weight-wise, the Floor One S5 comes in at around 10 lbs. Though, the weight will go up once the water tank is full.

Assembly is painless as can be. Once unboxed, the Floor One S5 merely requires users to attach its handle. Admittedly, I was a bit thrown off by the handle and its placement of the on/off button. This led me to attempt to put it on backwards. Though, thankfully, it’s designed to not click in until positioned correctly. The Floor One S5 also comes with a charging base. It requires no further assembly. Simply find an outlet and a space you wish to charge the device and you’re set to go. The dock also holds all accessories when not in use. This further reduces clutter, which has been exceptionally handy.

Before you can start your first clean, the piece of setup is regarding its water tanks. On the front, the Floor One S5 features a 23.7oz dirty water tank. On the rear, it offers a 28oz clean water tank. These are both easy to fill, empty, and maintain. Tineco includes a bottle of its cleaning fluid. With each clean, it’s recommended to include a cap full of its cleaning fluid in the clean water tank. The included solution should last quite a few cleans. Replacement bottles are available online such as from Amazon for $34.

A smart cleaning powerhouse

The Tineco Floor One S5 offers some “smart” functionality. I put quotations around the word smart as the vacuum isn’t speaking to Google Home or Alexa. However, it does utilize Tineco’s iLoop smart sensor tech. This enables the device to detect the level of dirt when vacuuming and mopping. The Floor One S5 then automatically adjusts its suction, water flow, and the speed of its rollers. It’s a novel feature set as it takes a lot of the work away from the user.

Adding to the Floor One S5’s smart technology is the voice assistant. Never could I have imagined how important a voice assistant could be. However, Tineco’s provides helpful prompts when cleaning. It’ll provide alerts when the clean water tank needs to be refilled. Likewise, when the dirty water tank reaches capacity, it’ll provide an alert to empty it. Plus, the device notifies users when a self-clean is recommended.

The self-clean mode is initiated when placed on the charging dock. If one is required, users are notified to initiate after the dock scans the roller brush. Once activated, a self-clean takes roughly two minutes. Once again, this requires no additional effort from the user. Though, once it is complete, it’s recommended to empty the dirty water tank so as to not let it sit until the next clean.

One of the handiest features is the onboard display. Located on the main body of the Floor One S5, a small screen displays the battery percentage in real-time. Additionally, there are a number of status notices that pop up if it requires the user’s attention. For example, a symbol will appear if either tank needs to be filled/refilled. A ring light around the screen represents the dirt levels that are being registered. If it’s a dirtier surface, the Floor One S5 highlights a red ring. However, once the surface is cleaned, that light turns blue.

Tineco offers additional smart features via the Tineco app on the App Store and Google Play Store. The app provides maintenance reminders such as when to replace the Floor One S5 filters. There are also cleaning report stats as well as controls for the voice assistant’s volume levels.

Results may vary

The longevity of the Floor One S5’s use is largely dependent on the size of your home and the surfaces you’re looking to clean. For instance, my condo is largely made up of hardwood with the exception of bathroom tiles and the odd floor rug. This cordless vacuum and mop combo fit perfectly with my needs as it’s able to tackle those surfaces with no fuss. Hardwood and the Floor One S5 are a match made in heaven and I’ve been left with noticeably clean floors after each use.

As per the bathroom tiles, the Floor One S5 does struggle to get into the grout and similar crevices. While it does do a pretty good job on the surface tiles, those harder-to-reach areas could prove to be more difficult for this device. However, not every user will run into this issue as it depends on the flooring and its shape and design. It’s also worth noting that you’re unable to vacuum without mopping. Therefore, it’s virtually impossible to tackle carpets and rugs. Therefore, if you do have any within your home, you’ll still require a standard vacuum.

All of the Floor One S5’s functionality is wrapped up in an easy-to-use design. It takes little effort to maneuver around corners, below cabinets, etc. The handle hosts the on/off button as well as a switch to activate the auto mode and max mode. The Self-clean button is also located at the bottom of the handle.

Final thoughts

This is my first time investing time into a Tineco product. The Floor One S5 has helped reduce clutter in my storage closet. More importantly, is that it works quite efficiently. The dual-use vacuum and mop combo do a wonderful job cleaning hardwood. However, for those with deeply grouted tiles and carpeting/rugs, the Floor One S5 may fall short.

The smart features including voice assistant and on-board display take away the hassle of having to remember to fill the water tank, empty the dirty tank, and clean the unit after use. Plus, thanks to its intuitive design, using it around a smaller condo is a breeze. However, those with bigger homes may be left wanting larger water tanks as on average, a clean can last six to seven minutes before needing to be refilled.

Of course, with all this said, the Floor One S5 is a premium unit. In Canada, it’s available for $649.99. Knowing that it won’t entirely remove the need of a vacuum, households must consider how viable a unit will be within their home and budget.