Alberta’s MyHealth Records App Can Now Connect to Apple Health

myhealth records alberta

Alberta’s MyHealth Records app allows residents of the province to access a variety of health information such as lab test results, prescriptions, immunizations and more, with information also available from Alberta Netcare, the province’s electronic health record.

The app also lets users journal their mood, sleep, weight and fitness goals, along with recording information from personal health devices, such as keeping track of your blood pressure, blood glucose levels and fitness.

Now, the latest app update to MyHealth Records says health information from the Apple Health app on iPhone can now be connected to the app.

Essentially, anything in Apple Health can be forwarded to the MyHealth Records app. However, there is no way to send MyHealth Record data into Apple Health. Factors such as heart rate, weight, resting energy, flights climbed, vitamin intake, blood oxygen, heart factors and more.

MyHealth Records also lets you print out reports to share with your doctor and also share data with others. There’s also a messaging tool available to exchange messages with healthcare providers using the same app.

How to get started? Launch the Apple Heath App on your iPhone, tap your profile picture then navigate to connected apps and select MyHealth Records.

Thanks Mark