Apple VP Matthew Costello Talks HomePod 2

Apple’s all-new HomePod 2 is launching tomorrow, February 3, 2023, with some early hands-on reviews and unboxing videos already hitting the web.


Just ahead of the official release, Matthew Costello, Apple’s hardware vice president, has shared how Apple decided to resurrect a product it had discontinued in 2021.

We deeply studied the learnings from the first HomePod and HomePod mini,” Costello told TechCrunch. “We introduced the new HomePod when it was able to achieve our broad range of experience goals.”

Costello highlighted how with support for Thread, the new HomePod can “serve as a border router and securely enable communications to Thread-based accessories.”

“HomePod features Wi-Fi 4 connectivity that allows us to target exactly what works best in the entire system,” Costello added.

“Making sure Siri requests are responsive, and ensuring a consistent experience for all you are listening to, controlling your smart home accessories and more — all while being energy efficient.”

“The new HomePod delivers immersive, room-filling sound users love — with even more detail, clarity and layers than the original HomePod.”

Apple’s HomePod 2 sports a similar design as its predecessor, has a 4-inch woofer and five tweeters (down 2 from before), with a built-in temperature and humidity sensor.

The new HomePod also features automatic room sensing for adjusting audio to your environment. But much like its predecessor, it still leaves stains on wooden tables.