Apple Releases tvOS 16.3.1, HomePod 16.3.1 Updates for Download

tvOS 16.3.1 download

Apple on Monday released tvOS 16.3.1 and HomePod software version 16.3.1 for download.

As for release notes? For HomePod 16.3.1, Apple says it includes general performance and stability improvements without going into specifics. The software update size is 467.8 for the original HomePod.

In order to update your HomePod software, you need to launch the Home app, then tap your HomePod, then scroll down to “Update”. It would be nice if this software update section for the HomePod was within regular iOS settings.

You can update your Apple TV by turning on the device, going to Settings > System > Software Update, and manually installing the update if you don’t have automatic software updates enabled.

Direct downloads for tvOS and HomePod software 16.3.1 (Build 20K661) can be found below:

  • Apple TV 4 (AppleTV5,3) — Download
  • AudioAccessory5,1 (AudioAccessory5,1) — Download