AI-Generated Voice Helps Break into a Bank Account [VIDEO]

While most U.S. and EU banks tout voice ID as a secure way to log into your account, it is quite possible to trick such systems with AI-generated voices.

Voice ID

Writing for Vice, Joseph Cox shares how he broke into a bank account using an AI-generated voice.

As Cox phoned his bank’s automated service line, he was asked to say in his own words why he was calling. He then clicked a file on his nearby laptop to play a sound clip, “check my balance.”

However, this wasn’t actually his voice. It was a synthetic clone he had made using readily available artificial intelligence technology.

The bank said ‘Okay,’ and asked him to say his date of birth as the first piece of authentication. After this, he was asked, “please say, ‘my voice is my password.’”

Cox then played a sound file from his computer, “My voice is my password.” After a few seconds, the bank said, “Thank you,” and he was logged in.

I couldn’t believe it—it had worked. I had used an AI-powered replica of a voice to break into a bank account. After that, I had access to the account information, including balances and a list of recent transactions and transfers.

This experiment shatters the idea that voice-based biometric security provides foolproof protection in a world where anyone can now generate synthetic voices for cheap or sometimes at no cost.

Some experts are now calling for banks to ditch voice authentication altogether, as abuse of AI voices can extend to fraud and account hacking.

Check out the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

YouTube video

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