Apple Watch Running Track Mode Expands to Canada and Beyond [VIDEO]

apple watch running track mode

For the runners out there, Apple has expanded Apple Watch running track mode to Canada and other countries according to DC Rainmaker (via MacRumors), after first launching in the U.S. back in December 2022.

Essentially, running track mode will automatically detect that you’re running on a track, then ask you what lane you’re in. Yes, Apple Watch will be able to determine your lane and how lanes are at the track down accurately down to the metre. This is made possible using Apple Maps data and a running track database.

Apple’s solution for running on a track means once you arrive at the track, then start an outdoor run workout on your Apple Watch, it will ask, “Looks like you’re at a track”, then give you the option to “Choose Lane”, which will vary depending on the track you’re at. The feature also lets you change your lane during your workout by swiping right. The feature also asks if you want to measure distance with miles or kilometres.

Other track running modes on other watchmakers require you to run a few laps first for it to determine that you’re on a track.

The feature is supposed to be super accurate and provide lap alerts as well. It debuted with watchOS 9.2. You can watch an example of how running track mode works in the video below by Shervin Shares, testing it out at McCarren Park Track in New York City with his Apple Watch Ultra, while also comparing it to his Garmin watch (later in the video we also get to see AirPods hearing protection at work too):

YouTube video

As you can see, the running track mode with GPS was very accurate according to Shervin’s test, down to the metre. The screenshot below shows his location as lane one, which was where he was running. The lap mode will automatically stop the timer once he finished each lap.

apple watch running track mode

Apple Watch running track mode expanded to Canada, but also Australia, Germany, Italy and the UK, joining the U.S. Let us know if you’ve been testing out running track mode on your Apple Watch in the comments.

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